Specialized applications to drive your cash flow and debt forecasts

Finance departments fully understand the need to put cash at the heart of their company’s financial strategy and, in this way, work with cash flow and indebtedness data that is reliable and up-to-date.

You are a member of the Finance department or you work with one in your capacity as a consultant.

Solve pitfalls linked to your forecasts and your cash flow budget !

Three formulas for cash flow budgeting web software :


Adapt the management of your budget and your cash flow forecasts depending on your needs :


Cash Easy



Build by modeling, direct and/or indirect cash flow forecasts. Ready-to-use service


Cash Modeling

Build by modeling, direct and/or indirect cash flow forecasts. 100% customized service 


Cash Reporting


Gathering of real and forecasted cash flow data from subsidiaries

Take advantage of the agility of CashSolve :

- Improve visibility of your cash flow and indebtedness with forecast updates, as often as necessary, thanks to numerous functional innovations ;

- Ensure your forecasts are reliable by standardizing and automating your internal processes ;

- Analyze accurately using multi-dimensional restitutions ;

- Adapt, with total flexibility, your cash reporting depending on the evolution of your needs;

- Manage the complexity using profession-specific functions (currencies, intercompany, financing) and the eight analytical axes that are available ;

- Opt for a single, auditable frame of reference for cash and indebtedness for the entire business, with a direct or indirect view;
- 100% SaaS -  no software -  no installation – the application is immediately available to be used by your business in a collaborative way.




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